New products for August 2018


MiniDis is continuously updating its product portfolio. For august we added a brand new small and affordable 7 inch LCD/Touch panel powered by USB and ready to use in your application. Compatible with almost all HDMI out devices like fitlet, Liva-Q, or Raspberry-PI. With a dept of only a few mm and an adhesive mountingrim, it can be used instantly in almost any embedded application. Our DMP Ebox range also carries some good news in that the latest Dual-Core Vortex86DX3 series like ebox3350DX3, ebox336x and DINPC336x, are standard available in Wide Temperature versions (W options)and 1Gbit LAN. Due to its design the Vortex86DX3 SoC are not vulnarable for Spectre and other CPU security issues. An finally the long awaited MintBox Mini 2 is available from stock. MintBox Mini 2 is the Ready to Use Linux Mint preconfigured...

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Congrats, Minidis/Totaldesk to become Lenovo Datacenter group Silver Partner


For past weeks, Minidis worked together with Lenovo Data-center group and distributor ALSO to develop a 100% Lenovo based next generation IAAS/DAAS/SAAS platform for our clients. With this deal as one of the first partners in Europe Minidis B.V. / Totaldesk earned the Lenovo Silver Partner status. The partnerships with Lenovo and ALSO together with our pragmatic high end concultancy services guarantees fast and high-quality Data-center solutions for on-premise, hybrid or full cloud usage. The professional partner certification is a huge appreciation for our team. Based on this we expect a huge boost for our consultancy team.  

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Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 images now ready for all models


For already 12 years, MiniDis is Microsoft Embedded Partner. At request MiniDis delivers Microsoft Windows Embedded 10 IoT LTSB Enterprise 32 or 64bit editions to your desired system for as low as 49euro per unit. Microsoft Windows 10 IoT is a special modularised version of Windows 10 which has the same rich feature and functions set but with the addition of some specific and powerfull embedded system features. See for a complete featurelist: Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Feature list We deliver standard or custimised preinstalled images including COA licensing sticker from stock or on demand. Value-based pricing With the 2016 version, Windows 10 IoT changed the pricing model to a value-based model, depending on CPU performance: In the table below, the 3 levels are explained: Windows 10 IoT Value based pricing...

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fitlet2 - fit IoT is there (in stock now)


fitlet2 is an affordable miniature Apollo Lake PC for demanding IoT applications MiniDis announces immediate availability of fitlet2. Based on Intel Atom® x7-E3950 Processor (Apollo-Lake) with up to 16 GB RAM and storage options ranging from eMMC to 2.5” SSD, fitlet2 is one of the most versatile miniature PCs for IoT. fitlet2 functionality can be further extended with Compulab 2nd generation Function and Connectivity Extension T-Cards (FACET Cards). Like all other Compulab mini-PCs, fitlet2 is completely fanless, available at wide temperature range and is sold with 5 year warranty. Miniature fanless design fitlet2 measures only 112 mm by 84 mm, making it one of the smallest full-featured PCs on the market. An all-metal die-cast housing is used for fanless passive heat dissipation. There are...

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LIVA Core now available


LIVA Core is the new definition of computing. Small Size, Big numbers, Intel 5400HD graphics with DUAL HDMI port, newest Intel Core-M 14nm technology, Windows Cortana support,  ready to use for de sktop replacement, thin-client, narrowcasting or domotica solutions. Preloaded with Microsoft Windows 8.1

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Windows 10 IOT is coming.


Microsoft changes the name of Microsoft Windows Embedded to Microsoft IoT. Everything is IoT (Internet of Things) now! With the launch of Windows 10 in the consumer market this summer,(some rumors are talking about July 29th), Windows 10 IoT for the industrial / embedded space will be available as well. There will be four main products with different licenses for industrial usage available: - Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Pro, Retail/Thin Client and 2 Tablet licenses will be available) - Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise - Windows 10 IoT Core - .net Micro Framework All Windows 10 IoT products are based on the new Windows 10 kernel and all versions from IoT Enterprise down to the IoT core version will run the same Universal Apps and Universal driver model! Therefore, it will be possible to run the same application from...

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